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John & Mary

John was working in a small town hardware store that was really stup as a retail/convenience store that sells a lot of hardware, we will call it No-Lies Hardware. John worked at this store for five months before meeting his love, Mary. The big catch here was that Mary’s step-father, Norman was also an employee of this hardware store.

John became quick friends with Norman since they both had many things in common, personality-wise. John would go on his lunch breaks and bring Norman back anything requested and if nothing was requested just a drink. This friendship began to blossom and personal things were shared between the two, marriage problems on Norman’s side and the haunting past of John. In order to really understand the situation we need to understand the past that has haunted John.

John moved out of his family’s home fairly soon after he graduated high-school. John had received a job offer from a big-box retail store and was making good money with little to no bills to pay and no sense of saving a dollar, he thought that this money would last him all throughout his education and he would never return home again. He used moving closer to college as an excuse to escape the trauma of losing a loved one at a young age and not coping with it properly. John thought that this escape would be the best thing that would ever happen, little did he understand that with youth ignorance will follow. 

John was doing fine until one day someone offered him a mood-enhancer, cannabis. The cannabis did calm John’s nerves as he struggled with anxiety and panic attacks were common; John did not believe in medication prescribed by a doctor at the time. He began throwing any amount of money possible into feeding the high as when he was high he did not feel the anxiety or pressure, life was basically worry-free. This began a downward spiral, you see John had always struggled in his love life and had it in his mind that he would never find true love.

Our protagonist had a horrible heartbreak in the middle of his highschool years, he had thought he found the one and poured every minute of his free time into her. Little did he know that he was taking it much too far and had a borderline controlling attitude. John learned from this mistake but it caused a negative association with love, love equalled fear for John. He remained single for around four years and he finally thought he had found the one, a co-worker that was in a horrible relationship with a pill-popping single father; This father’s son was everything to the girl. This girl’s name was Autumn.

Autumn took John for every penny he could spare. She would claim to not want the gifts he had purchased but she would take them with a huge smile on her face. John did not see the cracks in the mask she was wearing, she promised she would leave the other man and John agreed that she should still see the man’s son. Autumn led John on for months, until the night that it all ended. Autumn had called John to inform him that she will no longer be speaking to him and she will stay with the pill-popper as he promised that he would get straight for her and his son. John was demolished, he rushed home and drank half a bottle of vodka and had his friend drive him to Autumn’s house; John was too inebriated to know this would be their final goodbye. This interaction sent John down an even faster downward spiral.

John finally went to a doctor and got on medication to control the anxiety and panic-attacks, but there was a catch. John began to go to bars with friends, tempted to do things much harder than cannabis, luckily he had a hard set morality against any form of addictive illegal substances. The bad part of John going to bars and drinking was that John was supposed to be strictly prohibited from drinking due to the new medication, he knew this but drank anyway. We will fast-forward another month to when John was supposed to be getting a new job that paid really well. He began interviews and got the job offer and began training, but he was still drinking and his recent past would still haunt him and prevent him from sleeping well.

The combination of drinking with the medication and a lack of restful sleep made John borderline psychotic. This brings us to the faithful night when something triggered in John’s brain. He felt an overcoming sense of despair and his subconscious was screaming to just end it all. John found himself on top of his roof, almost about to jump. Something called to him and asked him to please step down, he looked around and no one was there. He took this as a sign from God. He climbed down, went to his closest family member and asked for help and this happened to be his Grandma.

Grandma knew about the situation this whole time but did not let John’s parents know as she resented them. Grandma waited until John was on the brink of suicide to finally help him, but it was too late. The rest of the night was a blur for John. John woke up in a hospital, dazed and confused. John was a vivid dreamer and those dreams he had were so vivid that when he woke up he did not know if he was actually awake, he was delusional. The doctor worked closely with John to be sure this was only a psychotic break and not something permanent, luckily for John it was the first of the two.

John moved back home, something he told himself he would never do again. Little did he know this was the best thing that could have happened to him in this situation. His family brought on more support than he ever had, if he had just asked for it in the past they would have given it; John was too prideful to do this in the past, but this experience turned him into a changed man. This brings us back to the main part of John’s story.

John began to focus on school again and remained unemployed for a few months while doing so. Eventually, he felt as though he was free-loading with his parents since he was not working so he applied at No-Lies Hardware and he got the job. After building his relationship with Norman, John was working and Norman’s family came in as they were on their way to an afternoon Wednesday church service. This was when he saw Mary and Mary was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

John and Mary quickly began dating and the further the relationship went the more John realized that he had found his soulmate. John met both sides of Mary’s family and she met his family as well. This continued for months but John started to notice that Norman was becoming distant and was fighting with Mary’s mother more often, he did not know some of these fights were about him. Mary’s mother had started to realize how serious the relationship was and she did not like the idea of losing her daughter, her mother’s name was Yennefer.

Yennefer was trying to instill a sense of responsibility in Mary by having her do the housework. Mary was going to school and coming home to do a portion of the cooking, cleaning, etcetera. John misinterpreted this and saw it as Mary’s mother using her as Cinderella was in the fairy-tail. Yennefer began noticing that Mary was spending more and more time away from the home and was beginning to let the housework fall behind. Yennefer started a plot to get Mary to leave John in the form of cheating. Neither John nor Mary had any clue that this plot was taking place until Yennefer confronted Mary and told her of the plan. This hurt Mary in ways that many people cannot imagine and it infuriated John to see Mary in such a state of despair. Mary was forced to move over an hour away to her father’s house, his name was Mick. John found a new job as he could not handle working at No-Lies Hardware any longer as Yennefer would often come into the store to see Norman and this made John uncomfortable.

Moving away seemed to increase Mary’s spirits but she was still haunted by the way her mother had treated her. Living with Mick was good for a few months, John would drive to his house anytime he could and spend time with Mary and take her on dates. As with the theme of this story, this did not last long. Mick had decided to make a trip to John’s former workplace, No-Lies Hardware. An ex-coworker, Shane, had told Mick a lot of lies and was putting words in John’s mouth. Mick jumped the gun and believed all of it, little did he know that Shane was abusing illegal substances and was influenced by Yennefer to lie in a final attempt to break up John and Mary and get her back home.

Mick came back to his home infuriated, Mary was spending the weekend with John and neither of the two had any idea of what had taken place. The day that John was driving Mary home, Mick called and said they needed to talk and John was not allowed to join. Mick threatened John to Mary and told her that if she planned on staying with John she would need to find her own place to live. When John was informed of this he made every call he could and used every connection he had to find a suitable apartment for both of them as John was still living at home.

John and Mary moved in together and everything seemed so perfect. Mary began going to college and John was working from home to pay the bills. John proposed to Mary and she said yes. This lasted for months with no real hiccups, until the day she needed to see Mick to have him sign a form for school. Mary was in a t-bone style collision, hit by a much larger vehicle. John was working and got the call, he instantly called his manager and told her the situation and rushed to hospital. 

The trip to the hospital would normally take around an hour, he made it there in less than 30 minutes. Mick was already there and he saw John’s reaction when John discovered Mary was okay, this slowly changed Mick’s opinion of John and he eventually apologized to John and they began building a friendship again. Yennefer also arrived, John felt a sense of awkwardness but he would do anything for Mary and he suffered through the interaction.

Yennefer never apologized to neither Mary nor John, she had said she had nothing to apologize for and even told Mick that they would get through John and Mary getting wedded as if it was something temporary that would pass. Mick told Mary this information and she was even more hurt by it and John was reared to believe that respect was everything and felt as though none was shown and what was said was the opposite of respect. After the accident, John and Mary visited Mick multiple times for holidays and just to catch up. Eventually John and Mary found a small starter home and moved in.

Mick came to visit the new house and both John and Mary enjoyed themselves as he was their first guest in their new home. Yennefer caught wind of this and began to ask Mary to visit, John was apprehensive about this because he had still not received an apology in any form from Yennefer. This caused another fight between Yennefer and Mary, only a few months before John and Mary were to be wedded. 

John and Mary had been planning the wedding for months until a global pandemic hit and everything had to shut down. The couple had to completely replan the wedding and only invited immediate family and a slight handful of friends. The wedding day came, it was beautiful. John could not hold his emotions and began crying as soon as he saw his bride. It was a perfect day and it was also John’s birthday. Since the wedding was such short notice, John and Mary had originally planned to just elope due to the pandemic, Yennefer ended up not being properly invited. Mick was there with Mary’s stepmother. Yennefer was hurt...

Continued in Marriage…


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