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A Story Still Being Written

The marriage had brought something out from John that he thought he had lost. John had an epiphany and realized that he had been instilling the same resentment he once had for Dad into Mary for Yennefer. John decided to suck up his pride and have conversations with both Yennefer and Norman because Mary had a deep need of speaking to her mother; Jordan felt as though he had prevented Mary from reconnecting with Yennefer. These conversations seemed to alleviate some of the pain that had been caused from the situation that made Mary feel as though she needed to escape.

John had a long conversation with Mary, he went over how he will always be there to support her and how he felt like she really needed her mother in her life. Mary agreed and they both made a plan to start slowly repairing the bridges that had been crumbled by the actions that had been done. John and Mary had discussed returning to church during the talk they had. John agreed with Mary that they both needed to straighten up; Without God John would not even be here today as he would be asleep in his grave.

John and Mary attended church, the same church they wedded in. John could feel the spirit in the room, Mary did as well. As the preacher ended his teaching John began to realize the sermon was over his favorite book, Revelation. The preacher called upon any soul who seeked to be saved and John could feel something pushing him toward the front, Mary had already gone. This is the day that John and Mary re-dedicated their souls to the Lord and John had realized that they have started on a new path. John and Mary will fight hardships and have moments of great joy, as long as they keep God in their hearts they will make it through anything.

We have come to the end of these stories, John and Mary’s life will continue to be written but that is for them to write. 

God bless you and stay safe,

   Jordan N Marshall


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